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Vintage Fabric – updated!

August 12, 2009

I have to share my experience of a few minutes ago. Soooo overwhelmed! I hope the topic of fabric is okay to post.

This morning on SF I read about a newish vintage fabric store that turns out to be a 10 minute walk from my work. Since completing my two vintage pattern projects, I realised a big issue is finding great vintage or vintage-inspired fabric. Why toil over a great pattern if you can’t find just the right fabric, right?! So I walked over to Columbus (170 Columbus to be exact) before grabbing some lunch and heading back to work.

There it was, the oddly named store, Urban Burp. I stepped in the door and what I saw practically brought tears to my eyes. I had trouble getting past the shelves near the front door. The owner, Electra, was amazing helpful. She said 95% of the fabric in the store is vintage and…and… Read more about her and her store at SF Gate and Apartment Therapy and Yelp.

Wow oh wow. Tonight I’m checking yardage on a few patterns and I’ll be back!

Correction and website info:
Hello again. Quick correction and website info for those not in the Bay Area.

The store is actually called Urban Burp and they have a website where you can browse fabric and buy online!!

Sorry for the misinformation 🙂

  1. I am so jealous. In my little town, I have a JoAnn's and 2 stores devoted to quilter's cotton…NICE quilter's cotton, but still…

    I'm going to Toronto in the fall and am looking forward to hitting the garment district. Hope I find a treasure trove like this one!

    Have a great time shopping there!

  2. I agree, we are very lucky to have this store near us. The prices are reasonable too. (It's walking distance from one of my clients' offices, sooooo tempting!)

  3. So very cool! I would squeal with delight if a shop like that opened up in my neck of the woods.

    Hope this store provides oodles of wonderful fabric treasures for you, sweetie!

    Have a splendid weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. thank you so much for posting this info! i live in sf and want to run right over. (i'm sure we have completely different taste!)

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