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    Here a couple links. You can find a few on the internet and some sewing books have the info too. I have done a few resizes with good results. You need to have understanding about where the pattern will accommodate your larger size-in the bust area, the under arm area, the rib cage , the distance from the waist (and bust) to the shoulders–all these things. I would suggest really studying some newer patterns that have multiple sizes printed on them and see what areas are wider, longer, etc. It is only a matter of a few inches, but the pieces need to be enlarged in the right places. I am sure you can do it with this blouse once you understand what to do. I would make a muslin to check that the sleeves and everything work right. Good luck! It is a cute top.



  2. Probably going to say the same as Misty, but without any experience to back it up. I'd do deeper darts and make the seams wider, but totally do a practice one first. I'd use a bedsheet, because you never know it might turn out perfect the first time so you can wear it! (if the bedsheet is nice a vintage pattern of course!)


  3. One thing that a few of the tutorials stress is just because a person is a few sizes bigger than a pattern she has, it doesn't mean that the shoulder width on the pattern should increase exponentially as well. This is something to take into account. There will be a difference for sure, but not a great big giant difference. If I gained weight and had to go up a few dress sizes, my shoulders would not necessarily get wider as well. The space around my mid section, my stomach and my bust would, for sure, but the width of my shoulders would stay relatively the same size.

  4. I would highly recommend "Make Your Own Dress Patterns" by Adele Margolis. She describes a method called slashing that I found works very well.

  5. It shouldn't really be too bad to resize. The best piece of advice I can give is after you look at grading and resizing instructions be sure to use some inexpensive/waste fabric to make a muslin. That way any tweaks you need to do to the fit you will be doing them on your muslin. :c)

    Good luck! Love to see the final product. Its a super cute blouse.


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