1. I believe it was the mid to late 60s, though as you know, 35" fabric has continued to be produced since, so if a fabric is 35" this doesn't necessarily mean it was produced prior to '65-'66.

    Hope this helps.

  2. I remember buying 36" wide fabric at least until 1970. There were several years of overlap, where stores carried both 36" and 45", and then 60" knits started coming in also. As I recall, the 36" fabrics tended to be 100% cotton. The blends tended to be 45".

  3. I know that 36" fabric was available in the early 1970's because I was already doing a lot of sewing then, making clothes to wear to college

  4. I started sewing in 4-H in 1971 and I remember our first project was an apron using 36" wide fabric. My mom worked at Ben Franklin in the fabric dept. and they sold flat folds (I guess mill-ends) of 35-36" fabric until mid-1970s, but that may have been new-old stock. I bet the manufacturing stopped about 1972.

  5. When I sold fabrics at the end of the 60s they mostly had 45" fabrics. Sixty inch and even seventy two inch fabrics in knit and the later in coating. We even sold percale and cotton sheeting and many fabrics people look at me strange for asking about now! 🙂 Penny's and some other stores sold 36" fabrics but like someone said they were cotton prints and some flannels mostly by then that I saw. If you write some of the fabric companies they might be able to tell you when the width changed over completely to 45" for basic sewing fabrics. Jody

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