Vintage Sewing

greece in the 70’s

August 3, 2009

yet another pattern that i’ve had for a while and just around to sewing this weekend. this is mccall’s 3562. there isn’t a date on the envelope, but it looks like it’s probably from the seventies, no? i think it kind of has a flowy grecian look to it. this was super duper easy to put together- no zippers, buttons, snaps etc. i used a medium weight cotton jersey that i found on sale at joann’s. it’s really soft and comfy. the pattern said you could use a lighweight woven, but i think it would have ended up looking like a muu muu muu- especially if you used a print. the only thing i’d do differently next time is take it in a bit more under the arms. other than that i’m happy with the fit. i’m sure i’ll sew the longer version at some point. maybe for something fancy. i look like i’m about ready to fall asleep in this picture…that’s what happens when you’re waiting on the camera’s self-timer. 😉

  1. Yes, the pattern is from the 70's–early 70's in fact. I loved it and made it up 3 times–once long in a nylon jersey, once short in a sort of soft linen, and once long with sleeves in a rayon chalis.

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