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Vintage jumper dress

July 20, 2009

I’m absolutely loving all the great clothes that everyone has been posting lately, so I thought it was about time I got my butt into gear and posted again. I made a jumper (tunic / pinafore for those of us living outside of the US) from Butterick 5000 – how’s that for a pattern number eh? No date on the pattern envelope, but from the looks of it I’d say 1960s/early 70s – anyone else hazard a guess?

I started this dress to enter into the June competition, but oops, I missed that deadline! I like to call this ‘the dress that should have taken a few hours but instead took many weeks because I have a six month old baby who never sleeps’. I think you get the picture of why I missed that deadline…..

Anyway it was simple to sew as the pattern envelope claimed, although I used a rather unstable and thin cotton bought from an op shop or garage sale (long term stash resident so can’t quite remember), and even though I underlined it with black organza it still had a tendency to slip and slide and generally misbehave. But I got there in the end, and here is my dress in all of it’s school uniform/modest librarian look:

No further details on my blog about this dress, but feel free to stop by and see pictures of the little imp who’s keeping me from sewing and read all about my odyssey to stop my UFOs becoming my vintage sewing of the future!
  1. Very cute jumper. As for date–1968 I'd say. It can't be much earlier because it has the new sizing label, but based on price, hairstyle, and the fact that lists pattern 4951 as August 1968, I think that 5000 is probably late 1968 or into 1969.


  2. looks great! and i'm glad you opted for the full-on turtle neck as opposed to the oh-so-stylin' dickey on the pattern envelope. 😉

  3. I love it! The "librarianish mod stlye is one of my favorites! Great choice of fabric, it suits the style perfectly. Great job! And, I am completly sympatheic to you're inability to get much done, I have a 9 week old who let's me know when I have time to sew! I wouldn't have it any other way though.

  4. "Butterick 5000" sounds like some kind of space robot, which I guess is sort of appropriate for the Mod 60's.

    Adorable jumper, though, and a great never-go-out-of-fashion style.

  5. Dr. Julie-Ann: the pattern was easy, the fabric was the misbehaving component! So if you can find it I can thoroughly recommend it

  6. I agree with anon on the date. I think I had this very pattern! I made a jumper as well as a whole bunch of other clothes as I entered ninth grade. I had grown something like three inches over the summer and none of my Jr Hi school clothes fit me. I was quite happy about that:)

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