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July 16, 2009

Butterick 6288 is a pattern from the late 70s or very early 80s.
I used a bit of leftover cotton interlock and cut the waistline a little lower than the original pattern.
As you can see, I prefer to use casing for the elastic. I think that it gives me greater control over the fit – especially at the leg openings. (When I took the photo, I hadn’t inserted the elastic into the leg openings.)
These have sewn up so quickly that I’m inclined to make them by the dozen!
  1. I'd love to see more photos. Looks great what I can see and I'd love to hear more about the elastic casing. Thanks!

  2. Well, to be honest, there's not much to see – "undies" pretty much says it!

    All that I did to modify the pattern was lower the waistline a couple of inches, based on the jeans that I usually wear.

    I also made sure that I allowed enough fabric at the edges to make casings that would accomodate the size elastic that I had on hand.

    Sewing the garment took very little time and inserting the elastic into the casings (via the old-fashioned safety pin method) can be done while watching tv.

    The fiddly bit is when it comes to shortening the elastic to the right length, without making anything too tight – especially around the leg openings. Since every fabric and every elastic is a bit different, I prefer to do the fitting on myself each time.

    I am not particularly concerned if the final result looks "professional" or not. My main interests are how they fit and whether or not they'll stand up to machine washing.

    I don't keep a supply of sew-on elastic on hand because I am not adept at applying it and have limited success in getting the fullness correct. I am much more comfortable with doing it this way.

    The original pattern was designed for knits only but there are similar vintage patterns for use with wovens.

    By the way, I have had this pattern since it was new and have used it many times – although this was the first time that I tried lowering the waistline.

    I do recommend the pattern highly. I have sewn daywear and nightgowns from it and it is a fine bra pattern for smaller busts and those who don't like underwire.

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