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Hello – New to group

July 11, 2009

Hello, I found this sewing group while doing some research on a Singer 501A. I have sewn my whole life, ever since my aunt put me out in her garage studio with her featherweight, showed me how not to run the needle through my finger, and then said have fun. I was about 7 or so, and have sewn ever since. Made all my clothes in jr. and senior high, and alot through college days. Most of my sewing the last few years has been for dolls and other crafts. Currently re-create outfits for vintage and antique dolls, and am studying reproducing (in doll size) historical accuracy in mid-1800’s fashions. I do still sew for myself, and am wanting to get back into making my own clothes, or at least supplement my wardrobs with my own creations again soon. Love vintage patterns, have many and have been wanting to make some of them up. So this group is a great inspiration to do so. Recognize many of the patterns I’ve seen made up so far. Also, am a collector of vintage sewing machines, just love them. Besides my featherweight I inherited from my aunt mentioned above, I have a Singer 301, 401, 500a – Rocketeer, my 80’s Bernina Sport, a Bernina minimatic, my late 50’s-early 60’s era Brother, and a few other assorted machines not as collectable but in process of being cleaned up. Splurged and bought a Viking #1+ in 2000, but love my older machines more. That’s about it, appreciate being able to join, and look forward to reading about other’s projects and hopefully will get started on some of my own retro sewing projects. Need to get a blog, too, have been going to do that. When I do, I will post it. Thanks again, Susan

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