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Happy To Be A New Member of SewRetro

July 30, 2009

Hello everyone, My name is Cennetta and I’m excited about being a member of SewRetro. Like all of you, I love, love to sew. I started sewing barbie doll clothes when I was about ten years old. Then in junior high I took a six week introductory course to sewing and fell in love with the whole garment making process. Needlesstosay, I’ve been sewing since then. My grandmothers sewed and my mom is a sewer as well (not as intense as me and my grandmothers). I’ve visited SewRetro many times, but didn’t think about becoming a member until a few days ago.

Recently, I’ve become a big fan of vintage clothing and want to sew more of them. The unique styles and details of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s are my favorites. I hope sharing my experiences will inspire and/or benefit others. I’m planning to make at least two vintage outfits before the end of the year and will post the project notes and photos here as well as on my sewing blog.

Thank you, Angela, for allowing me the privilege of being a contributor of Sew Retro.

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