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Another one off the to do list…

July 13, 2009

I finally finished the trousers I started at Easter so that’s 4 off my to do list! Hurrah!!

I love them, although I do really need to adjust the buttons a little as the waist is still a bit on the big side. Seriously, I’m not that much of a funny shape am I?!! These are the trousers from the 40s overalls pattern by Eva dress. Great trousers but I think when I make them again I will make the legs slightly narrower. I have small feet & they kinda disappear inside the cuffs!!

I’m also wearing the wrap shirt I made the other day. I didn’t mention how awesome the fabric is did I? It has little strawberries on it 😀

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  1. Yes, very cute indeed! Love the Simplicity shirt – it's so flattering. I have that pattern on my to do list for this summer, so I'll take note of your comments when sewing it up.

  2. Nice! A blouse pattern is on my to-do list. For some reason it looks more intimidating than a dress or skirt. You did such a lovely job. Super great fabric too. I now realize picking the fabric is a huge part of the project. :L)

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