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June 3, 2009

I want to make Simplicity 7314 ©1967:

I really like how it looks unzipped; I might put a full zip in instead of the partial zip. The pattern reminds me of zip front warm up jackets because of the raglan sleeve and stand up collar.

I envisioned something with a floral/hibiscus print and I found this fabric at JoANN’s that I sort of like. I like the pink and brown, and how it’s sort of neutral tones but sort of not. I like the flowers. I really love the fabric. Except it’s a cotton/poly blend ‘sportswear’ fabric, and it is more like a shirting than anything else. The fabric is on the thin side and although it is not sheer, it definitely needs something underneath it to make this work.

So, if I were to line this, how should I do it and what should I use? The floral print has no stretch to it, and it is on the stiff side (compared to poly blends and knit fabrics).

I am seeking advice from you girls on
a.) what kind of fabric to line with
b.) what color
c.) how to line it – should I line it as I would a normal jacket, or should I sew the other fabric directly in with the top layer as I construct the jacket? (I did that once before with a similar style blouse made of sheer tricot; I double layered the bodice and it came out fine).

Or, should I try to find an interlock or jersey knit in a similar print to do this with?


  1. I once made a jacket out of a bedsheet (it was superman) for a cousin. I lined it in flannel so it would be warmer. Granted you'd have a harder time taking it off, because it isn't slick like regular lining.

    Of course you could put in both flannel as an underlining and some regular lining fabric as regular lining.

    Good luck!

  2. Being summer, you could also use it as a sheerish jacket – with a brown, pink or white camisole underneath. then could leave it unzipped or zipped part way.

    Have you prewashed the fabric? If not do that as the hand might change to a softer feel.

    It looks quite fitted by the drawing, so if you do line it may need to size it up just a tad.HTH

  3. If you're wanting to make it a little warmer, go to click on "fabrics" and then "linings and interfacing."

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE kasha satin. It is like satin on one side and flannel on the other. I've even made winter pajamas out of it when I lived in colder climates!

    Because of the differences in weights, I would sew the two fabrics as one.

  4. Is it a pattern for woven or knit? You can take a pattern from woven to knits but to go from designed for knit to make in a woven is trickier because of ease. Be sure of that, because if this is for knits, I would use that instead. Just saying because the pattern photo appears that may be the case.

  5. The pattern is for woven, and the fabric is woven. I am going to wash the fabric and put it in the dryer to see if it shrinks up at all and loses some stiffness/sheerness. I like the idea of flannel backed satin as a lining. But I also wanted a light summer jacket, so we'll see what the laundry brings. Thanks everyone for the advice.

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