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June 12, 2009

Hello Sew Retroers,

Question: I’m making a raw silk pencil skirt and I’m wondering about lining it. Should I line it? If so, with what fabric? More silk?

Thanks for helping me out!

Nadia the Crafting Adventurer

  1. I would definitely line the skirt and use silk (that's what I plan to do with the raw silk that I have). Lining the skirt will help prolong the life of the silk. Since you are using a natural fiber, you'll want to line with a natural fiber. Why not add luxury on top (or under) luxury?!

  2. I line all skirts (not denim) usually bemsilk lining or a lightweight cotton. If I am using silk I hem the lining with lace, looks gorgoeous.

  3. Silk is the most porous material.
    To line a silk only thinner silk or then microfiber ( there are fabulous microfiber linings around. I always use a bit of sprayable starch in ironing the microfible. It´s so slicky otherwise. ) is recommended. All others will slowly " eat " the soft silk apart.

    Oh and hello, I´m an avid lurker on this site. ( But not joined with you guyses since I draw all my patterns myself )

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