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It’s Been a While!

June 11, 2009

It’s already Summer here, so I am thinking about using some of my stash to make a nice, float-y skirt.
My two candidates are patterns from the late-70s: B6277 (which I’ve made a few times) and Mc5392 (which I’ve made once).
The advantage to the Butterick is that it’s made of panels and I can use some reclaimed fabric. The disadvantage is that it has a waistband and I don’t like wearing anything around my waist in the Summer.

The advantage to the McCall’s is that it sits lower (on my hip bones) and has a faced waist as well as a nice front yoke detail. The disadvantages are that it takes quite a bit of yardage.
What do you folks think?
By the way, sorry that I haven’t contributed in so long! The GOOD NEWS is that I have finished Graduate School!!
Now, I have more time for sewing!
  1. You make a good point. I do get tired of putting the effort into sewing a garment and then not wearing it!

    Anyone else?

  2. Save the Butterick for winter. It looks like it would make a lovely, warm, winter skirt. I like that gathered-panel thing.

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