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i can’t hear you, you’ll have to turn down your dress!

June 9, 2009

This is a story of vintage fabric that patiently waited at the bottom of my fabric bin until the right pattern came along…I bought this nubby (almost like barkcloth) polyester on ebay forever and a day ago. You know when you find something so loud and tacky that you just have to buy it? It wasn’t dated, but i’m guessing maybe late ’60’s? I used Simplicity 3803, it’s quick and super easy to follow and I thought it had a sort of retro maxi-dress look to it. I lined the bodice with lightweight cotton because the poly is kind of scratchy. I’m pretty proud of myself for actually taking the time to line up the pattern on the fabric so that the bodice pieces actually match each other as does the skirt. Usually I’m too impatient and just slap my dresses together without much forethought. Anyone throwing a luau this summer? I need somewhere to wear this beauty.

  1. What did you say? Turns down the radio. I love love the maxi dress. Hope you get invited to a luau somewhere.

  2. YOu did a fantastic job on that dress–kudos for waiting for the right pattern. It looks great! And it looks great on you.

  3. As a small picture the fabric looks crazy but when you zoom in its gorgeous the dress turned out quite lovely! ♥

  4. So glad I clicked on the picture to see the full sized version. The tiny version on the blog post just doesn't do it justice.

  5. Looks like you need to throw a 70's style potluck! 🙂 I have a bright pink/paisley barkcloth muumuu that I wear every chance I get! It makes me feel like Mrs. Roper! Red wine and olives please!

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