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June 5, 2009

I needed a fast easy project to complete while I decide what to do about my fabric choice/lining for my zip front blouse. This was the fastest, easiest thing I have made yet. From start to finish in under 3.5 hours (well, the pattern was used so it was already cut, I guess that saves time). I don’t have a serger and I can definitely see the use for one in a project like this. The fabric is a super soft light weight jersey knit from JoAnns of all places. I posted my photos on Facebook and now all of my friends want one.

More about this on my blog.

  1. I agree, really cute.

    Maybe you can do what I do with my friends. I am happy to sew for them but the rule in my sewing room is "nothing is left behind". So that means, if they want me to sew for them, they have to be here keeping me company while I do. If I don't finish by the time they're ready to go, they take it and come back with it later. That way, I don't have a bunch of unfinished projects sitting around making me feel guilty and taking up my time when I want to work on my own stuff, and I don't feel like people treat me as their personal (free) dressmaker. Plus, it guarantees they'll come back again soon and visit me.

    I can see why your friends would all want one, though, it's adorable. Maybe try a zigzag stitch on the seams though, in leiu of a serged edge?

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