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Butterick 5209, Another Version

June 17, 2009

I’ve taken another crack at Butterick 5209, a 1947 re-issue pattern. This time, I made the other view…but…

The sleeves or the fabric made the whole thing look like a house dress. The picture is very cute, but it looked really dowdy on me, so I removed the sleeves. The bodice is self lined (doubled), so I didn’t have to make any facings, just press and top stitch.

As with the yellow halter dress, I had to add an underarm dart as a kind of FBA to fix the gap-osis that was going on.

  1. thank you so much for your review !!! i have this pattern and wanted to make it up just like this, so it is so nice to see how it will look :)btw your dress looks great.

  2. Good job on the dress, it looks awesome! <3

    I am sewing that same dress right now, but I'm leaving the sleeves on. I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how to attach the lining and get everything so I can turn it right-side out smoothly… I kinda gave up on it for awhile but your post just inspired me to work on it again 🙂

  3. I love your mod. I've been trying to do it myself. But I just can't figure out what you did. At first I thought, "Oh, OK. You just make view B and leave off the sleeves." But that isn't the case. Part of the back has to be cut. I have no idea how much or where or whatever. I tried, and I think I failed sort of. I was left with a strange pucker on each shoulder that leaves the dress looking like it has a petite collar. The pattern doesn't say to just top stitch view B. It says to understitch and turn it right side out. I ended up with a really weird 4 way seam problem at the neck when I tried your mod instead of the sleeves. Allowances were folded over (as per the pattern) that should have been pressed open and what a twisted mess ugh! Just folding in the edges and top stitching the whole bodice would have made it 100% easier.
    I love your idea, I just wish you'd have co-written Butterick's stupid pattern! The photo of the back was tantalizingly cute, and I am a newbie at sewing. 😀
    BTW Did you top stitch the hem?

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