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Vogue 2903

May 6, 2009

Today, I decided to get a little fancy, so I did my hair up and put on one of my Vintage Vogue reprint creations, V2903.

This dress came out pretty well, but wearing it I realize that the sizing of it seems to be a bit more “vanity sized” than other Vogue patterns I’ve made, which can be painfully true-to-size. The shoulders are large and it is generally big on me, despite that I made it in the size that should fit my measurements. (The shoulders are especially difficult as the neckine is very open and they keep slipping off of me.)

I really do like the dress, it has a nice retro look to it – especially with all the accessories. Though I was intimidated by it (and its huge amount of fabric) at first, it wasn’t that complex and I found it a fairly easy sewing job. The back zipper is somewhat oddly set in the middle of the back rather than opening all the way at the top of the back seam and I forgot to put pockets into this one.

Overall, I enjoy it and would probably rate it an 8/10. I’ll have to remake it a size smaller and see how much I like it then.

[I pincurled my hair overnight and am wearing jade earrings, a vintage pearl two-strand necklace and a braided brown belt to cinch the waist.]

  1. It came out really cute I love the fabric you used. I have this pattern but I havent made anything with it yet. Seeing you in your dress makes me really want to sew something tonite.

    Ps. you could always alter it a lil so its a bit tighter.

  2. Great ideas. Taking it in might be a bit of a mess with the sleeves and the facings (the back gaps a bit on me, too). The bra strap idea is pretty ingenious, though, I must admit.

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