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"Target" Tennis Dress

May 18, 2009

I posted a week or so ago asking for help on how to save this dress – I made a few mistakes involving the scalloped hemline and despite trying all of your suggestions in some form or another, I could not get an end result that didn’t scream “Advanced Home Ec Project – Grade C-“. Since the fabric was only $1.50 a yard on sale and I had 4 yards, I started over. (Now I need to figure out what to do with the remains of the first dress…the bodice down through the hip area is perfect…maybe a tunic or top is in order).

Anyways – here it is.

The Tennis Dress from Simplicity ©1973; princess seamed in two lengths. I made the longer length dress but used the scallop hem line from the shorter version (which was where my disaster project started). The fabric is a poly-spandex knit with a pique like texture and a lot of stretch. I left out the back zipper since the fabric had enough stretch. I faced it with solid orange quilting cotton to make the scallops more sturdy (the first version had self facing and was rather floppy, and the pattern does not call for any interfacing). I found some cute buttons at JoAnns that were orange with pinkish/purple polka dots on them – you can’t see very well in the photos but they matched really well. I also did not attempt to match up the pattern at the princess seams but as a result I got a rather unintentional new pattern by the way the circles offset each other.

I call it the Target dress because with the exception of the color changes, the pattern is essentially a repetition of the store logo.

I think I look like the mom from “The Wonder Years” in this, even though the dress is from a later time period.
More photos on the blog

  1. I didn’t see to comment on your blog. It came out cute, but did it work ok with the knit versus the cotton on those scallops? Just curious as those are two different types of fabric and one with stretch, the other not. A double knit might work well for this dress as well, considering the era, I bet it is listed on the back.

  2. OK. I am officially Vintage. I am pretty sure my mum made that dress for me when I played tennis for my school every Saturday morning. I wore Frilly Knickers underneath!!
    Yours is very cute!!

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