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May 4, 2009
Hello. I have been admiring your vintage creations on Sew Retro for over a year now. I am finally taking the plunge to sew up my vintage patterns. I find collecting vintage patterns rather an addicting hobby…almost like treasure hunting! I particularly love the 50’s day dresses like the shirtdress and ALL the 60’s A-line dresses and swing coats. I look forward to joining a sewing community to chit-chat about our vintage treasures.

I entered the “1972 Simplicity 5475” in the Pattern Review Vintage Pattern contest. If you haven’t stopped by…you must. There are many beautifully made garments to admire! My review of my A-line dress is linked to my contest entry. I am glad to have participated in my first sewing contest.

Also, You can come visit me at my blog. This should be fun!
  1. I find collecting them even more addicting than making them – I somehow have over 50 in my collection and I only bought my first one in January…yikes! I’m slowly plodding through them though. I have a 3 ring binder with the pattern envelopes in clear plastic sleeves and the patterns themselves in white 9×11″ envelopes in a collapsible file box. As the patterns move from “to be made” to “complete” I pull them from the file box and they go to another box (which is not so much a ‘pattern storage box’ as it is an ’empty cat litter bucket’). I like to sit around and flip through my binder of patterns and plan what I am going to make next. And therein lies the excitement in my life.

  2. How exciting that you entered your first contest. I’m going to go and read your review and check out the other entries. I actually thought about entering that contest, but I knew I didn’t have time with running my kids around to all of their activities and a one year old in tow. I think it would be fun to enter a contest. It also provides a deadline to complete it. I love the fabric you chose for your dress.

    I also have collected around 50 or so vintage patterns, and I’ve only sewn up two of them so far. I need to make a plan to start going through them. I think Kerry’s system for organizing them is perfect. I am going to do that with mine. Thanks, Kerry, for sharing the tip.

  3. My mom made a dress from this pattern for my grandmother to attend a cousin’s wedding. She did the long version with short sleeves in a beautiful soft pale blue, with a glittery trim at the neckline. She was so elegant, and I remember that she was buried in that dress. *sigh*

    Your dress looks great, and you did a fab job with the print matching. Congrats.

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