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How to add the sew retro button to your site

May 13, 2009

We quite often get emails from new members asking how to add the Sew Retro button to their site. I’ve collated a number of methods below which should help you out! To find this post in the future, simply click on the sew retro button and you’ll be brought right here 🙂

Happy sewing!

HTML in Blogger

1. Log into your blogger account and select your blog
2. Go to layout
3. Select HTML
4. Scroll down to your links list and add the following code where you want the button to sit:

<a href=><img src=””/>

5. Preview your changes to make sure your happy with them
6. Press Save Changes

Blogger Gadget

1. Log into your blogger account and select your blog.
2. Go to layout, then page elements

At this point, you can do this a couple of ways:

• Add an HTML gadget and paste in this code
<a href=><img src=””/></a>
• Press Save


• Save the image to your hard drive first
• Add a picture gadget
• Upload the image you saved
• Add to the link box
• Press Save


1. Right click on the Sew Retro logo and select ‘copy image location’
2. Log into your wordpress account and select your blog’s dashboard
3. Click on the links dropdown and click ‘add new’
4. Type ‘Sew Retro’ in the name box
5. Type to the blog address field
6. Scroll down to advanced and paste the image link into the image address field
7. Click add link

General HTML (with image)

Add the following code to your HTML links list:
<a href=><img src=””/>

General HTML (without image)

Add the following code to your HTML links list:
<a href=””>Sew Retro</a>

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