Help! I need somebody!

May 18, 2009

Not just anybody…

I need the picture and/or instructions for Simplicity 5214 from 1972. Somehow in my last thrift store run, I ended up with almost all the pieces (missing one, maybe an applique?) for this outfit. See my blog for more about this. 😉

It’s a tunic top with cap sleeve and wide pocket that goes across the front like a kangaroo pouch. I have pieces A-F but the pattern paper says “7 pieces given”. Supposedly there are two views to the pattern.

I’m willing to bet the missing piece is possibly britches since it’s a short tunic and britches could be cut from one piece.

I also have Simplicity 1790 from either 1946 or 1956 but no instructions or envelope. I don’t even know how many pieces I’m supposed to have. I have the skirt front/back, sleeve, collar, bodice back and some kick-butt iron on embroidery designs… But no bodice front or sash. Based on what I have from 1950, I’d say that this one is older rather than newer. But it could go either way. It’s a child’s dress with gathered skirt with back buttoning bodice.

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