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Hello everyone! Another intro

May 14, 2009

I am so honored to be in the company of beautiful people who share my passion for vintage and retro clothing! I have been collecting vintage patterns for about 7 years. It all started when I decided to be a 70’s diva for Halloween. I couldn’t find anything off the rack that was quite what I wanted. I have been sewing for close to twenty years, so I knew I could make a costume better than any RTW. I had actually been sewing my Halloween costumes for years (much cheaper). I went on ebay and found a set of vintage patterns that were just what I wanted. Once I caught the fever of buying those patterns I couldn’t stop! I made the suit I was married in, and I have never received as many compliment on a garment I wore.

Since those early days, I have made a few truly vintage patterns, but now I have come full circle again and I have really been making quite a few outfits that I will share here as well.

I look forward to interacting with everyone here, and I hope that my skills as a retro sewist will grow.

Thanks, Pavlina

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