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1960s inspired mini dress

May 8, 2009

Miss 12 had a school project that required her to choose a well known person, dress up like that person and present a 2 minute speech and display board. She chose British designer Mary Quant. Her presentation went very well and she even received compliments about her dress.

I used this old Style pattern (more 1970s than 60s) that’s been languishing in my pattern stash for years to create a 1960s inspired mini dress. The dress required several alterations in the bust, waist, side seams, shoulders area to achieve a perfect fit. The fabric is a linen/cotton print. Miss 12 loves the dress so much that she’s wearing it with skinny leg jeans to a birthday party today. You can read all about our Mary Quant project adventure on my blog.

  1. ooohh. I want one. I’m probably the same size as Miss 12, too. When I was teaching high school we would get evacuated to the middle school on campus whenever someone called in a bomb scare. Every time we were over there I noticed that I was about the same size as the 12-13 year olds. Actually, I take that back – the 13 year olds were usually taller than me.

    I’ve got quite a few patterns in my stash that are Misses 12, and I have to do these alterations all the time. Did you draft everything on the paper pattern before cutting the fabric, or did you make modifications as you sewed?

  2. Hi Kerry, I did the paper pattern alterations first, then made a muslin using a old bed sheet. Once I was happy with the fit, I cut into the fabric.

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