1. I would make the dress first. Sometimes I sew like a whirlwind and then others (especially this time of year) I get distracted with gardening and other stuff. I you make the dress, you might like it well enough to it without the crinoline, until you get that sewn!

  2. This would be a no-brainer for me. Make the dress. Two reasons already called out above are

    1. When I’m making something, I put the most effort in at the beginning. You want the most effort to show in the piece that will be most visible. I know I should have the patience to keep the effort through to the last stitch, but I don’t. Know thyself.

    2. You might find it doesn’t need a crinoline (or a fancy home made one) when you’re done with it. I find them really scratchy, uncomfortable, and unflattering on my short little body. However, if you tend to wear them a lot, I would make one that went with several dresses, not just with one dress. It’s basically a slip and it needs to be multi-purpose.

    Have fun! Can’t wait to see the outcome.

  3. You might not like the dress without the crinoline, – so then you will have to make it before you can wear the dress!

  4. I have been convinced to make the dress first. I have had the pattern and the fabric for a few weeks now just staring at it and kept hitting this stand still. So now I have a starting point……thanks guys

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