Vintage Sewing


April 14, 2009

I had this Vintage Simplicity 3446 in my stash and spotted this lovely 1950’s inspired fabric, and just had to combine them! I made this last year and have worn it a couple of times, I get a lot of compliments when I wear it and the fabric is so soft and floaty! More photos and details are on my blog.

  1. some how in random clicking of links I ended here…I never thought I would post a comment on sewing but here goes:

    1) retro clothing rocks! I personally am a hat guy and its getting tuff finding a good hat in local stores (I dont consider a baseball cap a “real” hat)

    2) you mentioned that a six year old might be taller now than “then”, I think it makes sense, our current diets (caloric intake and vitamins) and general health care I think has improved. Im pretty sure going backwards you’d find people were far smaller… I noticed middle ages armor was tiny.

    Swing music, the “good ole days”, it just seemed more real and a richer experience at quality of life…

    After all, foolsfitness stands for retro pseudo faux quality! – Alan

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