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that 70’s skirt

April 19, 2009

I love love love wrap skirts! This pattern doesn’t have a date on it, but I’m assuming it’s from sometime in the 70’s. What I like most about this is 1.) it’ a “back wrap” so the flap is in the back not the front 2.) the giant slanty pocket in the front (sorry it’s kind of hard to see in it in the pic) and 3.) that it wraps high around the waist and not low on the hips. The fabric is an old tablecloth my sister passed on to me- not sure how old it actually is, but I thought it had a 70’s vibe going. A cinch to make!

  1. Great skirt and lovely material! I’ve got that pattern too and have made one skirt from it so far (although my choice of fabric made it distinctly un-vintage looking) and totally agree that the wrap, fit and pocket are all perfect.

  2. I made this skirt! In the 70s! Out of really hideous pine green waffley polyester double-knit! And zig-zagged the belt – woo hoo!


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