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Summer Time!!

April 20, 2009

I have been dying to get my hands on a playsuit pattern for a long time now. I often trawl the likes of Ebay & Etsy looking for such things that will fit into my budget, plust with Ebay, there seems to be a lot of competition for playsuit patterns, so imagine my utter joy when I found this;

With no other bidders & at a great price, I finally got my playsuit pattern! I was sat at work wondering when it might appear & lo & behold, it was in my mailbox when I arrived home this evening!

I am looking forward to the summer so much! I have my pile of patterns to make, and I started with this little beauty yesterday;

Hoping to get it finished tomorrow – I will keep you posted!
  1. so cute! can’t wait to see pics. reminds me of “how to marry a millionaire”- fab movie if you haven’t seen it.

  2. The bottom pattern says on the envelope ‘The Pattern Bureay Fashion Service’. I have no idea when it dates from, I can’t see a date on it anywhere!!

    The pattern was a chance find on Ebay, I sat watching it for near 4 hours so it wouldn’t slip away. How lame is that?!!

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