1. Woot! That is a beautiful dress and the color is wonderful. Great choice on the solid color because it shows off the great cut and style.

  2. This is truly inspirational. Often, I see posts of vintage patterns and the final result isn’t nearly as great looking as the pattern. Choice of fabric – the ability to resist the temptation of a pattern – is wise. Your figure is curvy and hour-glass like the ideal figure of the era. I just love it. It truly gives me hope.

  3. Wow – that’s absolutely stunning! I love Kellie R’s work (always do – she’s spawned many a pattern hunt of mine) but I think your dress is far and away the most beautiful creation in the contest. Well done!

  4. Saw your review at PR. Good luck with the contest. Your dress was a winner in my book. There were some really excellent creations. I truly love your dress, have not run across Patt-O-Roma before. Again a lovely dress.

  5. Hi there, I am writing up an Inspiration post for Wardrobe Refashion News, a collaborative blog where pledgees agree to only thrift, refashion, or make clothes from their stash. I'd like to feature Sew Retro on the News portion of the site, and was wondering if I could use the last photo in this post in the Inspiration post. I would credit you and provide a link back to this post or your blog/flickr, whichever you prefer.


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