Easter Dots

April 14, 2009

Remember the Polka Dot Paradise post?

Well, here’s the final product:

And here’s the blog post. I’m thinking I need to lengthen the older one’s dress by about two inches. Hopefully I have enough of the turquoise fabric to make do… Who knew my 6 year old shorty would be taller than a 1930s 6 year old?

  1. OMG so cute! I am a big fan of brown and pink! I think the length is fine for now, but you may want to add a little since it looks like they will be able to wear the dresses next Spring too!

  2. I don’t think your 6 year old is taller than a 1930’s 6 year old; we just have very different ideas about skirt length. My mom says that even in her day (1950’s) little girl dresses were SHORT….barely covering the fanny. Think of Shirley Temple movies. I always add inches to my daughter’s vintage dresses.

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