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Yellow vintage fabric

March 12, 2009
So with breath held I wacked right into this vintage fabric. I believe it to be from the fifties. It is 100% cotton, but feels like silk. I truly prefer the older fabric. We’ve lost something in the manufacturing of fabric. I am sure there is an explanation. Thread count, cost to produce, something. As a consequence I tend to hoard the vintage that I have. I really want to use it but I’m afraid that once it’s gone I’ll never find more. However; I can’t enjoy it sitting on my shelf either. So I’m debusting the stash. More of my journey here
  1. What a fabulous idea for the photo! That is so neat. The skirt looks lovely. I hope to get my hands on some vintage fabric someday. It sounds delightful!

  2. You are very brave! It can be quite intimidating to cut into one’s vintage fabric stash!!

    (I’m the fifth woman in my family to have possession of a 3yd piece of 1960s silk. Maybe 2009 is the year that it actually has a chance to fulfil its destiny.)

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