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March 5, 2009

As I posted before, I’ve got the polka dot dresses planned for the girls for Easter – so a definite time limit there… I’m contemplating making something for myself other than a purse (!).

I have yet to master the art of fitting on myself and attempts at a body double have been abysmal abject failures. Add to that a weird body shape courtesy of three pregnancies and the weight gain that goes with and well… Let’s just say getting anything to fit over the pooch is *fun*.

I’m tossed up with the following patterns:

Vintage Vogue reprints V2885 & 2636; Butterick 4369; Very Easy Very Vogue 8679 & New Look 6457:

Please vote in the comments. You have until the 31st of March to vote. At that point, I’ll make a tally and whatever got the highest number of votes is what I’ll make. And then I’ll blog about it.

  1. I really like the 1st pattern, and the Vogue semi-wrap short sleeved version.

    I would not suggest the newlook 6457 without some very careful fitting. I made it a couple of years ago, and found it to be rather unflattering, and the skirt is not nearly as full as in the illustrations. In mine, the waist was maybe 1/2 in. too low, and it cut across in a really wierd way – not good. I made the version with straps and a straight line across the bust (which also didn’t look very good on me). Maybe I just need to learn to alter patterns better, but I did not like it.

    Good luck – I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  2. I just bought Vintage Vogue 2636 (the first outfit) to make a Spring dress. I think it’s one of the most beautiful looks I’ve seen in a long time, body-skimming, but not too fitted. I’d vote that one!

  3. I second Bex’s opinion of newlook 6457. I found it to be very fiddly and the final result was sort of eh. I vote for Very Easy Very Vogue 8679. It looks like it would be simple to make and very forgiving.

  4. Recommend waiting to do the first and second until you develop good fitting skills.

    Very Easy Very Vogue 8679 – would perhaps help you with shoulder fit and sleeve fit. Also a nice summer casual dress.

    Most of all have fun.

  5. What a fun idea! I would second Glorious Hat’s recommendation to save the first two Vintage Vogue patterns for when you have developed your skills a little more. I made V2885 and it was a challenge to complete.

    Very Easy Vogue 8679 would be my top choice. It’s so stunningly classic. It gives lots of options for fabric and trim choices, too. It also seems that there are fewer pieces to sew together, which may help in the fitting.

    Have fun!

  6. Of course I looked at the patterns and skipped the explanation of sewing skills! I got distratcted by the pretty patterns. At any rate, I agree with the others that the VeryEasyVeryVogue is a good choice, you’ll only have to deal with fitting through the bodice rather than throughout the whole body.

  7. OH! OH! Please do the New Look . . . I just bought that pattern and haven’t made it up yet. Would love to see how it turns out and any issues you might have! I am planning to make it out of 1″ gingham for spring!

  8. Butterick 4369 would be simpler to make and easier to fit than some of the others, I think. I like the retro look of it and in the right fabric, you could wear it for more than just Easter.

  9. If people are saying the New Look is a pain in the butt, i would heed their advice. And I agree the first two are probably a bit beyond your level and would make for a frustrating construction…and who wants that when you just need to play in fabric?? 🙂

    I am for the very easy vogue or butterick 4389. But watch out with the very easy vogue to make sure it does not resemble an empire-waisted tent 🙂
    If you are having weight issues you wouldn’t want it to look like a maternity dress. 🙂
    Just check the ease at the underbust/waist line to make sure you won’t be swimming in it and I think it would be the easier of the two to assemble.

    But the butterick might be better because you can cinch that waist with a thick belt, and there is plenty of ease in the hips to give you a nice smaller-waisted illusion…its also very 40’s classic looking, which is my bag.

    And I just looked at your rad new shoes and now wholeheartedly suggest the Butterick.

  10. I love the Very Easy Vogue! It’s the kind of thing that I enjoy because it skims the body.

    Hmmm….I’m going to have to keep an eye out for that pattern……..

  11. I’d go with the Butterick 4369. I thought about the Very Easy, Very Vogue one because it would be easy to make, but under the best of circumstances, you have to be careful with dresses like that if you have any excess weight around the midsection or the hips (I would never make it for myself for the same reasons). I would definitely make up the Butterick pattern, hands down. It reflects the 40s, which is so totally my thing. Go for the Butterick!!

  12. The Very Easy Vogue seems, well, very easy, but the Butterick seems FUN! Fun to make, fun to wear, so it gets my vote.

    Yay for LanetzLiving, too!

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