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The Cape Project

March 5, 2009
A few weeks ago, I posted plans for this project, using Simplicity 8353 pattern (1969) and a remnant of wool that I purchased a year ago, at G Street fabrics.

It took a while for me to get it done because I’m trying to finish up grad school and it doesn’t leave much time for sewing. But I finally got it finished and even had a chance to snap a few pics.
Here is the cape, waiting for a final steaming and some top-stitching.
I haven’t made up my mind about the closure. I have a pretty frog that I bought for the project but I also like the tab/button option.
Further details and a few more pics are over on my blog, So, anyway….
  1. So glad you like it! Is that not one of the coolest wardrobe patterns ever? The shoulder darts and welts are such easy details to sew but they really add so much to the overall impression.

    I really did try to scrounge enough out of that remnant for a skirt but that wasn’t passible. When I make this again, I’ll be sure to purchase enough to make a couple of coordinating pieces.

    I’m interested in seeing your version of the pattern. Can’t wait to see your pics!

  2. Thank You! The tab closure seems to be the top pick.

    Now I have to decide what sort of buttons to use on the tab. I tend to go for covered buttons but I also like to switch buttons out, from time to time, and have a bit of a button stash.

    Covered or decorative? Any thoughts??

  3. You could always just use a hook and eye on the underside of the tab (or snaps), then you can change the button on the top whenever you want. (that way it is ok if the size of the button changes).

  4. I like Miss Amelina’s suggestion on the buttons a lot. I may use that idea myself!

    It’s hard to choose between covered and decorative w/o seeing the decorative button first, but I usually vote for covered. If you’re going for retro styling, covered says it best. I adore leather buttons, though.

  5. Miss Amelina~ Since I plan on using a hefty hook/eye closure to actually fasten the cape, anything else will be decorative. I like the idea of attaching the tab to the cape with snaps or smaller hooks/eyes. It's an easily reversible thing to try, at any rate!

    caseykoester~ For outerwear & jackets, I really prefer either covered buttons or black (glass, when I can get them!) Leather doesn't work too well in my wardrobe – although they'd looked awfully spiffy for this pattern!

    I am crazy about covered buttons!

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