Polka Dot Paradise!

March 1, 2009

I scored an awesome vintage pattern from Lanetz Living about 18 months ago, I guess, and have been dying to make it into something *special* for the girls. You know how it is. You get the perfect pattern but the perfect fabric has yet to materialize (har har). I’d already bought the hairbows to go with. Chocolate brown and turquoise & chocolate brown and pink respectively. And still, no fabric. Until a late-night trip to the SuperWal-Mart. Fancy finding the exact shades of turquise and pink in dots on a chocolate brown background! Whoda thunk it? Anyhow, I spent way more than I should have for the fabric ($4/yard) but I was DETERMINED to make That Pattern into dresses with That Fabric.

Here is the project in progress:

Check out the hand-turned and sewn neck. I’m pretty proud of the work.

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