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Have You Seen My Mother?

March 9, 2009

Or more precisely, my pattern?

This was made 7 years ago and in my youth, I was not as good about keeping track of my patterns as I am now. Sadly, this was something I wanted to make again and now, I’m outta luck. It’s a two-piece play suit with a midriff top. I’m guessing it’s early-mid ’40s since my Nana wore something similar before she had my mom (in ’48). It’s what we’d call a “skort” now. I converted it to a maternity outfit and wore it to our family Easter gathering in 2002 (3 months before my 1st kiddo was born).

Anyhow, if anyone knows what the pattern might be, please drop me a line or point me towards a similar pattern! I want to make this one again!!!

  1. I don’t know the pattern #, but have seen Simplicity 1940’s pattern(s) with midriff top/shorts or something like it. Check Out of the Ashes Vintage Patterns, ebay or any other vintage pattern source online. I think I saw one on Out of the Ashes site.

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