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February 28, 2009

I’ve been stalking the place for some time, but now I’ve decided to come out and share my projects with the wider community that likes to sew things that look old. Thanks for having me!

I have been sewing for almost a year and a half and a few months back started my blog, Linked by Pattern Paper. Pretty much everything I sew is from a vintage pattern; it’s the reason I decided to start sewing. It’s more cost effective than buying vintage, and there’s a greater possibility you get exactly what you want. I’m have mostly patterns from the 20s-40s, but I also picked up a few from the 60s and 70s from my grandmother (she doesn’t know where the older ones went! *sigh*).

My last two major projects (a 40s housecoat and an early 40s dress):

Next I’ll be working on a couple dresses I may wear to a wedding in May (I can’t decide which), a 1940s suit, and I may try my hand at a couple hats. Til next time…

  1. What beautiful clothes you’ve made – absolutely stunning. My mum gave me a gorgeous 1940-50s dress coat she made and used to wear and I intend one day to have it copied (and enlarged slightly, as she was petite with a capital P!

  2. Hi Aimee!

    Ooh your dresses are lovely! I love the cascade effect on the house coat. And the 40’s dress is gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to make one in that style for ages.

    I’ll join you on the hat escapade. I’ve just got to get my hands on some wool felt!

  3. Oh those are so pretty, very nice job! Have yet to finish oh so many projects.

    I finally answered your hat question over on my blog, and I’d love to see what kind of hat pattern you have!


  4. Solanah, I had a hat question? The memory is not so good sometimes, so do remind me. I’m probably going to make the smaller-brimmed wide-brim cloche from Vintage Pattern Lending Library. We’ll see.

    Miss Amelina, the pattern is Simplicity 4280. From the pattern you’d think the skirt would be slimmer, but perhaps it poofs a bit more because I used flannel.

    Thanks everyone for your compliments!

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