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Felt, Felt, and More Felt

February 10, 2009

Hello Once again,
I am calling out to all of you to get some suggestions. I have recently been given two huge boxes full of felt- cut in metres, not those little crafting squares. Anyway, I haven’t a clue what to do with it all. I’ve made a few cat toys but I’ve still got a tonne left. So, any craft ideas would be much appreciated- I will be choosing the most hopeful projects and posting about them on my blog as I finish them.

Thanks in Advance!


  1. i think felt is always perfect for small pockets for cameras, mobile phones, jewellery and so on. you can always make it a bit nicer with some ribbon or whatever else you like!

  2. If you have enough yardage and some buttons, felted wool can make some very cute cardigans with lovely exposed seams–you don’t even have to finish the edges ’cause the felt won’t unravel.

  3. I recently acquired several yards of tan felt. I made a set of placemats from some of it. I cut oval placemats, bound the edges with lightweight yarn in a whip-stitch and appliqued some simple flowers from brown and white felt scraps. I embroidered the stems. They turned out really cute!

  4. Applique!
    Okay, I am a 70’s addict and that is what I am going to do with some of my felt.

    You can also make soft toys for kids.

    If it is good wool felt, I second a little cardigan type jacket.

    But my vote is for embellishments, on clothes or home dec (like make and decorate some colorful throw pillows) like Lisa and sewducky suggested.

    And when you are done, you can always sell some on Etsy.

  5. I recently used up some old felt by lining a travel purse as well, worked wonderfully 🙂 There are some great ideas up there too!

  6. I don’t know how wide the yardage is but you might have enough for a circular cape.

    Felt can be used for table cloths and placemats – or under tablecloths, as a “silence cloth”. You can cut it into circles to make plate protectors for your china dishes.

    Felt is a great choice for banners and seasonal decorations, as well as costumes. I think that I see some good Hallowe’en colours, in that photo.

    Vintage pattern books are full of felt novelties and gifts, such as hosiery/lingerie cases.

    For kids: you could make a felt board and have plenty left over to make puppets!

    One last suggestion: I think that you might have enough of that grey felt to make a life-sized soft sculpture shark. Or an elephant, perhaps?

  7. Felt stuffed animals or ‘softies’ are really popular these days and there’s a bunch of cute patterns–why not try a few of those?

  8. I think you should make an appliqued felt throw or wall hanging. Sort of like a picture quilt. Those colors are all great together, and would be great for a boy’s theme space/robot sort of throw/wall hanging. Or what about a castle. Or even an auto/car theme. The great thing with felt is the edges don’t fray. So you could just cut and piece with raw edge stitching or applique. Bind it with cotton or more felt and your done. You could back it with cotton if you want it to be a throw so you have something soft against the skin.

    Good luck using up all that goodness!


  9. make a felt "quilt" 🙂 Cut them all into equal sized squares cut in "notches" and knot them on opposite sides. easy "quilt"

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