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Chicago Area Milliners: 1930s style hat-making class at Vogue Fabrics

February 2, 2009

(Waves hands wildly. Tosses tam-o-shanter in the air.) Hello, everyone! It’s good to see you. So many of you are like me – yellowed patterns in the drawer, bundles of 36-inch wide vintage fabric under the bed, tattered black and white magazines lost beneath the couch cushions). Really, I’ve been meaning to log in for a while. I do read Sew Retro on a regular basis (which on a bad day, I can easily confused with the Sew Retro Yahoo Group that I’ve belonged to forever). I love all the adventures you’ve gone on with your wonderful patterns. Some of you have taken the unknown fork in the road with new fabric, jerseys and knits. Oh my! Fantastic!

I don’t sew as much as I once did with my collection of 1930s and 40s patterns. Still, they are my inspiration. I started making high-waisted pants, cute little retro halter tops, skirts back in the late 90s when the swing-dance revival was fresh in Chicago. I continue to lindy-hop, but don’t dress up as much as I did. Even so, I usually wear some vintage every day – a necklace, a pair of shoes, a belt or a hat. Today I don’t have anything old on unless you count my teeth.

Which brings me to to the class I’m teaching at Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, Ill. My big news is the 1930s hat-making class (we’re either using out-of-print Vogue 8175 or Pattern Studio Flirty Fedora, both of which you see above. Your pick. I prefer the Vogue one). Anyhow, first class is Feb. 15, the second Feb. 22, and there’s another one, I forget when. I need more milliners eager to hone their craft – Vogue Fabrics has 100 percent wool felt in stock – black or cream. Great stuff. Wooooonderful for making hats. Please sign up if you’re sew inclined!

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