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Happy New Year! Admin Update

January 6, 2009

I’ve finally got on top of all the admin stuff again, I’ve got a goal for this year of doing the invites etc once a month so I stay on top of it more and people aren’t waiting wondering where I am!

As usual, if you’ve accepted an invitation could you please post your introduction to the blog. There are still a few people from the last round of invitations who’ve not introduced themselves yet.

At some point this year when I have the strength I am going to try and somehow weed out the members who don’t actually post at all or who aren’t interested in being members anymore and tidy up the site a little bit. We’re still on the old version of Blogger and I want to move over to the version that came out, oh, a couple of years ago now! :o) I will give you plenty of notice and explicit instructions on how to stay with us when the time comes so there’s no need for panic!

I’m also looking for someone who might be able to help with the admin of the site. There’s very little that actually gets done behind the scenes but it would be great for me if I had someone who could nip in and do the invitations when I’m snowed under. I also have a few vague ideas and need someone who can help make them reality so if you have ideas for the blog and would like to shape it’s future I’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in helping out the please email the usual address with the subject ‘Helper’. Thanks!

I would like to get a few sew-alongs going this year too so if you have an idea for something please email it to me with the subject ‘Idea’ or something similar.

Thanks as always for all the wonderful posts and inspiration you’ve all provided. Sew Retro will amazingly be 3 years old in the summer and I’m still slightly shocked at how many people have joined up to my humble little blog.

Happy sewing to you all in 2009!


  1. Hi Anna, Thank you so much for all you do to maintain this blog and especially for conceiving the idea in the first place. I really enjoy reading it and it is so much fun to share occasionally when something fits here.

    Will think about how I might be able to help and sew-along ideas too.


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