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Bubblegum froth

December 31, 2008

Remember the Apple iFrock? (Click thru for pattern details)

Not only did I wear it today to mark the end of Dressember in loud and proud style, but I finished another version of the same frock this morning.

It’s custom-fitted for a friend of mine who wanted a frothy frock to go swing dancing in. It’s made from a cheap ($3.99/m) and very retro rayon (really!) from Lincraft here in Oz which is quite astonishing given the general naffery of their typical range. It’s hard to see in the pictures but it has a lovely stiffness and sheen than give it a very authoritative ‘swoosh’ noise as you sass about in it. I’d admired the fabric several times but could not bear to dress myself in such bubblegum confection but my friend, she loves a bit of pink. It’s fully lined in old sheeting (soft, soft, soft and comfy).

It was quite the novelty to have to decrease the length of the bodice. I usually have to add about 3 inches. My mate is a little vertically challenged, and I had to reduce the length by about 1.5″ accordingly.

As for Dressember… well, I’m afraid the flickr group got a bit disenchanted with the whole thing. I confess I wore jeans twice when it was cold and rainy and I just couldn’t manage a dress. But, I did wear a whole lot of the dresses I’ve made and now that they’ve been broken in, I’ll wear them more often. Hooray for Dressember!

  1. I did have a go at dressember myself .. only an extremely watered down version that went along the lines of “I’ll only make dresses,” rather than, “I’ll only wear dresses.”

    But I cheated on that too. Still, I made three dresses. One awful. One mediocre. One nice. We’ll call that a “twoish out of three ain’t bad.”

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