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Pile of shame erosion

November 10, 2008

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Pile of Shame concept – the mountain of half-finished projects, failures, examples of where The Muse has abandoned you, things requiring mending, etc. Mine has reached epic proportions. But the pressures of Dressember have encouraged me to go for a bit of a fossick and recover some survivors from beneath the rubble.
This is another Vogue 9668 manifestation and I’m not really sure why it has languished in the Pile for so long. I hemmed it, sewed in the lining and turned under the sleeves. Ace. Done. Next!
Fabric is a cheap and nasty patterned cotton toile from Spotlight and an equally cheap but not nasty fine black cotton from Rathdowne Remnants.
I think there are at least two more frocks in the Pile that are worthy of rescue. Stay tuned.
  1. Vogue 9668 triumphs again! My first Sewvember/Dresstember off the rank is another Simplicity 3774 in supergirly pink rosey floral, as it is getting hot here…

  2. I know that pile. My pencil skirt is in there. I’m going in. First thing tomorrow I am going to fish it out and finish it.

  3. Gonna have to order the pattern offline, website has a glitch and doesnt say what kind of material it calls for? Or how many yards for a 14/16? Thanks!

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