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Vintage Necktie Purse

October 7, 2008

In my spare time I when I’m not processing orders for my company

I  altered a graduation robe for my son for Halloween.  He wants to be Darth Sidious- add a hood to a graduation robe – one Sith costume to go 🙂 
For the holiday fair for my son’s school I am sewing purses from vintage ties. 
Outside view of the purse

Inside view 
I have to make about 25 of them for the fair.  They are pretty quick to make. (about an hour). I got the ties from tag sales over the summer and added vintage buttons.   I have a giant box of ties sorted by color.  The challenge is come up with something that isn’t completely hideous, and that a pre-teen might like.  It uses half of a tie for the purse.  I use one of the spare tie halves for the shoulder strap.  I think it looks cute with jeans!
To make this purse you need a minimum of 3 ties.  I either use the narrow end pieces from other ties, or the narrow ends of the tie to fill make it a little wider.  One half tie is used for the shoulder strap. I use a wide zig zag stitch to join them and slightly overlap them when I’m sewing them.  You can sew them with invisible thread or a complementary thread color.
Vintage ties tend to sell for $.50 – $2 depending on what your thrift store wants to sell them for.  I bought a GIANT box lot of them on ebay for this project.  Better yet, ask your Dad, Husband, and Grandpa for their old ties.  
I’m created an etsy page to sell them.

  1. I am really iterested in seeing more of this also. Are you considering a tutorial? This is a great recycle project. I would carry one.

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