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October 22, 2008

Hello ladies! My name is Erin, and I’m so glad to find other retro sewers to enjoy my passion with! I began sewing two years ago, so consider my self “intermediate”. Love to purchase vintage patterns to sew from, 40’s-50’s and some 60’s. I am tiny, so being unable to find the style, tailoring and fit in any ready-made garments inspired me. At 46 I no longer care if I am in the current styles when I dress up because I believe that good style is timeless as long as its done right. I’ll try to post some pictures with outfits as I get the chance.

  1. Hi Erin!

    We have a few things in common:

    Being tiny and over RTW
    Being of a certain age and declaring our own personal style not dictated by current fashion
    And being into retro

    I am also behind on posting and picture but I wanted to say hi and welcome!

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  3. Hi.. .I love sewing, and the idea of using retro patterns appeals to me greatly!!
    where would I go about buying some!!
    any good internet sites perhaps?



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