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September 30, 2008

I’m now up to date again with adding people to the list and sending invites.

If you joined in the last batch of invites I sent out could you please make sure you’ve posted your introduction, with the number of posts we’re getting now it can take me some some to find all the intros and figure out who everyone is! If you’re not now on the list of sewers and you have posted an intro please point me to the date you posted it so I can add you.

Also, if you’re intending to post under an alias could you let me know who you are as that also can take some time hunting down the email address then the email that was sent when you requested to join so I can figure out who you are and can post your link!

And one final admin thing, when you’ve posted to the blog could you do a quick check on Blogger to make sure it’s not saved every draft when the autosave kicks in please? I’ve been through and deleted pages of them and it would be helpful if you could all delete your own extra posts from whenever Blogger decides to burp!

Thanks as always to everyone for all the wonderful posts we’ve been having, it’s lovely to see so many finished items and hear all the stories of how they were made. I’m just finishing up my stacks of sewing that ‘need’ to be done and them I’m back on the vintage pattern sewing so hopefully I’ll have something to show soon!


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