Summer of the (maternity) dress

September 17, 2008
I absolutely love the idea of a ‘summer of the dress’ a-thon being promoted by Livebird and her fantastic dresses posted on this blog previously, plus the glorious ones that moo I made it is coming up with too. And not forgetting the gorgeous ones made by Melynda which started this whole concept.
So here’s my contribution: a 1972 McCalls pattern that features a maternity dress, tunic, pants AND frilly bloomers! Oh my, I think I’ll give those bloomers a miss, but the dress and tunic length certainly caught my eye.
But as with all patterns that only feature a drawing on the envelope and not a photo it is deceiving – this dress turned out ginormous and I am currently in the process of taking it in a bit at the side seams and adding darts to the rear to give a bit more shape. I may be 6 months pregnant but there’s no need to be walking around in a six person tent! I also ditched the puffy sleeves because they looked a bit silly.
I made it in a black and white small check cotton/poly fabric, but didn’t line it since the fabric is thick enough to avoid embarrassing see through issues and I’m expecting my internal thermostat to start to increase that most preggo ladies experience.

And here is the dress in its huge form, ie made following the pattern:

More details over at my blog if you’d care to join me.
  1. I love the shape of the ‘bib’ bit over the bust and how the pleats emerge from under it. I think it looks fab! And hey you can always grow into it! Love the red accessories too.

  2. Very cool! I haven’t looked too hard, but it seems difficult to find good vintage maternity patterns. They all seem to be a balloonish, babydoll-type outfit. But THIS is great! Event hough it’s a 70’s pattern it also has a mod, mid-60s touch to it. Bravo!

  3. cute cute cute cute. I don’t think it’s too full at all…you’ll need the room later anyway, and it looks nice and drapey right now. Nicely done!

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