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August 13, 2008

OH WOE, the cocktail work function that sneaks up and reminds you that you have NOTHING TO WEAR. That’s OK. In this case, I suggest you go whine at Moggy in a high-pitched, annoying tone, and just to get rid of you, she’ll give you the Vogue 9668 pep-talk which will lift your spirits just enough to dash home and whip it up. It’s a 2001 pattern with a truly retro feel – highly recommended. This is my second incarnation of it but Moggy has made, oh, about three or four thousand of them.

This is View A with a wee modification to cap the sleeves (I have new manifesto that, on me, Set In Sleeves Are Dowdy. They must be capped or otherwise sassified. There is a post about an Unfinished Object in the works, once I can recover enough from the ordeal to post it, which is definitive evidence thereof) and the usual extra centimetres length at bust, waist and skirt that us gargantuan, towering giant folk must do.

But livebird, you say, from whence, praytell, didst thou source that wonderfully loud retro print? Could it be the work of John Kaldor: Fabricmaker? Why yes! Nicely spotted!

The secret is that this was once a bedspread in an op shop. With frilled edges. And dusty 1970s spare-room smell. In heavy upholstry polyester with a soft twill cotton lining (which I used to line the frock, as you can see at the hem). I look forward to questions this evening about where I purchased my fabulous couture. Or for someone to come up and say “Hey! My nanna has curtains like that!!”

I like to name my frocks, preferably with terrible puns, but I’m a bit stumped here. Any ideas?

  1. Ah good old Vogue 9668. I named my two ‘sweetie’ (sweetheart neckline, see?) Cherry sweetie and posey sweetie, for their fabrics.
    You should call this one KALDOR! Because it sounds like a superhero’s nemesis.
    Loving the cap sleeves. Might have to steal.

  2. Nice Gone with The Wind – Sound of Music curtain frock conceptualisation! Vogue 9668, is there any end to your versatility?

  3. I confess to having bought Vogue 9668 because of Moggy’s proselytising. Perhaps she should become a pattern preacher?

    Your frock, ’tis lovely. 🙂

  4. Perhaps she shall be named the Conversion Frock…allow me to explain:

    1. You converted a bedspread into a dress

    2. You converted the set-in sleeves to cap sleeves.

    3. The conversion of a fellow reader into a Vogue 9668 believer [see above comment]

    ‘Tis positively darling! WANT!

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