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Finally decided to stop lurking and become a member

August 16, 2008

Hi All. Thanks for having me here. My name is Cindy and I live in Brooklyn, NY. As my title says, I’ve been lurking for several months and finally become a full fledged member. I am addicted to this site and I have it book marked on the main screen of my Iphone! I am so inspired by what I see on this site. Of course it may be a double-edged sword. Instead of sewing, I’m busy looking to see what everyone has made. I’ve recently bought a ton of vintage patterns on Ebay and through other sites. I think my biggest challenge will be 1)re-drafting/re-sizing said patterns as I bought them based on their style and not on their sizes and 2) tearing myself away from this blog. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you very soon.

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