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August 15, 2008

Hi there! I’ve just joined the community so want to introduce myself 🙂 My name is Angela, I’m 31, from NZ and have been making costumes and clothing as a hobby for a little over 10 years. I’ve collected vintage clothing since my late teens and have recently started making my own, which is what brought me to this blog…

I was originally inspired into sewing by my mother who used to make all my clothing as a child (I even had the proverbial dress made out of a curtain!). This and my love of everything theatrical led to a natural progression into sewing and clothes ‘design’ (though I’m not so good at the design part, I do love it! Mainly I mishmash different patterns together to make a new one…).

I have a fairly boring technical day job, so in my spare time I support one of our local amature dramatics groups, doing their hair & make up, costume and set design. I’m about to start work on some 70’s cocktail dresses for a play they have coming up, but assuming these don’t take too long, here are my next two personal projects, which I hope to finish over the next month; the first is a McCalls pattern from the 40’s which I was super chuffed to find:

Followed by this beautiful Butterick pattern, which I’m sure some of you will recognise! I look forward to posting the end results and seeing some more of your stunning work here!

  1. Thanks – wonderful to be here! The butterick was exactly what brought me to this site (I first started lurking many months ago) but I’ll also check out the PR site too…

    BTW – I was just checking out your blog and you reminded me to head out and buy McCalls 8750 – just my luck there it was on eBay and in my size! You did a beautiful job with it 🙂

  2. Really looking forward to making it now 🙂 I have a wonderful large paisley in chocolate brown which I think is just perfect.. Let’s hope I can pull it off!

  3. I wish I had a good photo of myself in my Butterick repro dress. I found a stretch cotton with a really fabulous print of orange and black circles on a white background. The stretch fabric in that bodice is really nice. It’s an easy pattern to assemble too.

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