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July 4, 2008

I decided I needed to make my brother a shirt for his birthday, using the same pattern as this one here. I’m pleased to present for your perusal a killer 70s shirt that is known among the in-crowd as ‘the churt’.
That there is aforementioned brother modelling said churt. Things to note. He is exceptionally tall. I did a whole lot of lengthening in the sleeves and body. Perfectly, I might gloat.

The pattern is Style 1226, circa 1976.

Brother requested the collar shaped like beagle ears (as modelled by the stud in red).

His version is made from a soft cotton twill I picked up at an op shop ages ago. It’s lovely stuff… to wear, but to sew, it wriggles and stretches most vexingly. It’ll be a while before I tackle such stuff again.

Below are some spiffy details of the fabric, collar, and sleeves. Note too the octagonal buttons in two sizes supplied by the splendid ladies of Buttonmania in the Nicholas Building, Melbourne

Oooh. Top-stitchin’.

Our Ma’s (unintentionally barbed, methinks) comment:

“Well! That’s certainly something you couldn’t buy in a shop!”

Fortunately, that was the point!
  1. Question: will he grow a spiffy moustache like the fellow in the picture? Because really, what’s a 70s shirt without a genuine 70s mo? 🙂

  2. Ooh me likey! I for one hope Livebird’s brother already has a spiffy moustache! The perfect accessory for that fiiiine shirt.

  3. That’s awesome. The shirt, I mean. I think you did a great job on it. I make all my husband’s shirts, as he’s long in the body and requires a custom size as a result (don’t we all, for pete’s sake?) He’s gotten spoilt on custom-made shirts and won’t buy them from the shops now! 😉


  4. I love the shirt. It looks are very good at sewing!

    ..I am desperate to make one for my husband to cycle round the world in…Has anyone got any idea where I can get this pattern or one very similar….slim fit 70’s styling…

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