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1974 Holly Hobbie Fashion

July 13, 2008

Recently, my daughter informed me that her dress supply was running low and she needed some dresses. Being that I haven’t had the time for garment construction these days we headed for the mall to see what we could find. Absolutely nothing! What we could find was seriously not appropriate for an 8-year old and what little we had to choose from was poorly constructed and far overpriced. My daughter asked, “Why don’t you just sew me something?” I jumped at the chance, of course.

We raided the pattern box and found an old pattern from 1974. I love to collect retro patterns, so the choices were unlimited. We both decided that we would challenge ourselves to not make a trip to Joann’s and use only what was on hand, hence the black zipper in the back, which I’m a bit disappointed in the end result. This zipper was nearly impossible to work with and I could not get it to be invisible no matter what. I just gave up and left things well alone.

We also added a fun little lace trim, leftovers from another project. I decided to take out the continuous embroidery hoop which hasn’t seen the light of day in at least two or three years. How fun!! My daughter selected the embroidery design for the belt. It took about one hour to complete the embroidery portion of the belt, but it was worth it. My daughter has been enjoying this dress and we have received lots of compliments.

  1. wow! The dress is adorable and pretty contemporary. In fact, I think the only thing “holly hobby” about it is the length. The details: the lace trim and the belt are amazing! great job!

  2. Really cute dress.

    I have had reasonable success turning regular zippers invisible by inserting them by hand with a prick stitch.


  3. Wow! This is gorgeous. And perfect for an 8 yr old I might add. I love it. This is the type of stuff I always wanted to wear when I was young, but alas, my momma did not sew. It is great!

  4. This pattern was in my Mom’s stash, so I recognized it immediately! Tried and True… nice embroidery work! What machine are you using?

  5. What a beautiful dress!! I love the embroidery. Great job and very appropriate for an 8 year old. I have a daughter that is almost 13 so I know what you mean about the inappropriate fashions for young girls out there. So there is lots of sewing at my house too.

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your encouraging comments.

    What I should have done was to simply purchase the correct zipper, but I just wanted to get rid of things I wasn’t using in my stash. I like your idea for the prick stitch, need to give it a try.

    I am using a Singer XL-5000. The continuous hoop was perfect for the belt making hooping a breeze.

  7. Lovely dress, the embroidery elevates the design, especially on the back bow.
    I, too, am trying to use up stash, and when I have a zipper that is not close enough in color to my liking, I insert it with a lap instead of the centered application. Then it is well hidden.

  8. You really can’t tell that the zipper is black! And few people who sew even notice that kind of thing anyway! It looks great!

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