I have been a sewing fiend

June 11, 2008

…these last couple of weeks. I finished another dress on Saturday, but am just now getting good pictures.

I made a few changes to this pattern: I installed side seam pockets, changed the collar shape, lengthened it, and omitted the top loop and button closure.

This pattern was very easy to follow and went together pretty quickly. I really love the fabric that the collar and loops are made out of. It is a South African fabric that my preacher’s wife gave me a few scraps of (they are from South Africa). I had been waiting for an appropriate use for it, and when I found the tan fabric at Goodwill for $0.59, and realized it matched perfectly, and that I had vintage buttons that also matched perfectly, I was champing at the bit to get started.

I definitely plan to make this dress again. It’s a great everyday dress. The only thing I will change in future version is to tighten up the button loops a little – they tend to come undone, although it isn’t much of a problem as it does not cause gaping. There is a snap behind the top button, to keep wardrobe mishaps at bay.

Without the contrast collar and buttons, I think this tan fabric would be too bland for me. The other drawback is that it is polyester, and doesn’t breath. But in a cotton, this would be the perfect summer dress.
Another pic and more discussion on my blog.

  1. It’s charming! It looks ever so much better than it does on the pattern cover. And I love the colors you chose, too.

  2. Darling dress. Agree, your version looks way better! Love your modifications. If you switch to a larger button size, your loops won’t come undone.

  3. Well, for this dress, I am in love with the buttons I’ve got. So I won’t change them, I’ll just keep discreetly buttoning them back up when they come undone. 🙂

    But yeah, in future versions I’ll either have to make the loops smaller or the buttons bigger.

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