Vintage Apron Pattern

May 9, 2008

For Mother’s Day, I made this apron up for my mom. The pattern was given to me by my grandmother, who found it amongst her stored stuff. You can see that a mouse has chewed on the priceless heirloom a bit. When Grandma gave me the pattern, my mom strongly hinted she’d like one, so here I am (for once) obliging her wishes.

It was my first time to sew with an unprinted pattern, and it wasn’t as hard as I’d feared, although sometimes the notches and little holes in the pattern didn’t line up like they were supposed to, and the instructions were very…sparse.

I followed the pattern except I cut a few inches off of the straps to make it (hopefully) fit my mom better, who is both shorter and a little heavier than I am, but not quite the “large” that the pattern is sized for.

I also did not follow the pattern instructions regarding the bias tape that finishes the edges, because they called for hand-sewing the bias tape. Not in your wildest dreams am I hand-sewing that much bias tape on. I did make the bias tape myself, out of the black and white gingham, since I wasn’t going to make a special 20-mile trip just to buy bias tape. I wish it showed up better. Gingham bias tape is really cute!

I also just finished a baby quilt (not remotely vintage) for my new nephew , and pictures are here on my blog if you are interested. Just scroll through the apron stuff.

  1. Oh, it’s wonderful! I’m sure your mother will be thrilled with her gift – especially knowing you made it yourself.

  2. I clicked on your photo to see a bigger image, and yes, the bias gingham is really cute–makes the apron look sooo vintage!

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